Menyn består av klassiska franska varmrätter samt flera mindre rätter med hjärtat i Asien; vår tolkning av Dim Sum. Här finns även större rätter lagom att dela på för två personer eller fler om man kompletterar med Dim Sum-rätter. Vi har under de gångna nio år arbetat under namnet Classic French and French Colonial Food.

Cloud Nine features high-quality French & Asian inspired fusion cuisine combined with Swedish hospitality in a sophisticated, contemporary setting. Our determined and serene chefs define themselves as creators of savors and composers of tastes. Our award winning Dim Sum dishes are served fresh, all the time. Also the finest in prime steak, fresh seafood and signature dishes await.

Cloud Nine was awarded a prestigious FYRA KLASAR AWARD, in recognition of our wine collection as well as our in house expertise. Our extensive wine list is diverse, featuring renown wines from all over the world, hand selected by our Sommelier. From lighter and milder to more intense and full-bodied, our winelist guarantees perfect pairings no matter the dish or mood.